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VII. The Sunday School Addition

While Rev. Calvin Klumb was pastor the crowded condition of Sunday School pointed to the need for more Sunday School rooms. The building committee with Wayne Harlan as chairman recommended an addition designed by Kelron Inc. be built on the south side of the church.

Fluharty Lumber Inc. was the general contractor to construct the addition which consisted of four Sunday School rooms and women’s restroom on the main floor and a basement to be finished as extra space was needed. On Jun.21, 1968 Kelron Inc. estimated the cost of finishing the first floor and the basement unfinished at $9.88 per square foot, or $44,000.00 for the project.

On Jan. 28, 1970, $22,50000 was borrowed from the Alliance Federal Savings & Loan Association. This addition was finished while Rev. George R. Corbit was pastor. At the dedication of the Sunday school addition on Mar. 1, 1970 the cost was found to be $49,913.00, which is $4,000.00 less, then the first estimate.

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