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Bethel's History



The earliest history of Bethel Church appears
in “The History of Columbiana County” published
in 1879. That brief history is incomplete 
and doesn't
give a complete history of Bethel Church 184 years
later. One difficult question asked is, when was

Bethel organized? All six previous histories checked
use the date 1830. But, the denominational Year Book and the history of the Lutheran church in Georgetown use the date 1839 for the organization of Bethel Church. Which date is correct? Perhaps they both are history,.

By 1830 the settlers of this area formed a congregation which met in homes and most likely was serviced by Lutheran or Reformed preachers who passed by. Then in 1839 under the influence of Rev. Peter Herbruck this congregation became the “Evangelische Reforiert and Lutheranische Kirche” and was entered in the Reformed Church records. At first Bethel Church and Lutheran Church in North Georgetown shared pastors. Rev. H.G. Herrington, Rev. Samuel Seacrist and Rev. Gottlieb Ziegler are named in the histories of both churches.

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