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XI. A Message from the Pastor

As written by Rev. Roy B. Howell, Pastor  in 1980

Beloved of Bethel,

As we share in this 150 Anniversary of the forming of this congregation of Christ's Holy Church each of us brings differing thoughts and feelings and differing personal values with us. Yet we, each of us, come with a common heritage; that of being, through Baptism and the presence of the Holy Spirit, those who have one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all. With this common heritage guiding us in expressing a common faith in this place we stand at a unique and special crossroads in the history of Bethel.

It is not enough to glorify the past nor is it enough to “hang one” in the present. We have the opportunity to take all that has been given us from the past and all that is ours in the present to open the tomorrows of life at Bethel. As we reflect on what we inherited might we also consider how we might contribute, in our day, to that inheritance so that Bethel might continue to be a beacon in the darkness to a world needing the message of life, hope, and salvation that it has been empowered to carry.

We have been given much, let us use it well, and give to those who follow all we have been given and all we have added. If we can do that we shall have fulfilled our calling and our ministry in this place and will have been those who are truly part of Christ’s Holy Church.

Be filled, on this special anniversary year, with His grace and blessing, and in the filling, be enriched for ministry and service in the name of our Lord.


Pastor Howell

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