Our mission... is to be and make disciples in authentic community for the good of the world.

This Month at Bethel
 Weekly Services
Sunday Morning Worship at10:00am, Live and on Facebook
Ministry Events
Food Pantry  2nd & 4th Wednesday, 4:00pm – 5:30pm

"God's Quad" quartet, July 3, 10:00am

"CAMPP" Children's Ministry Program

Song Practice  July 7, 6:30 - 7:30pm
"CAMPP" kids sing during morning worship, July 10,10:00am

Devotional Studies

Thursday mornings at Bethel UCC,10:30am

Celebrating Birthdays in June:

Kylie Dillon

Deborah Scott

John Yaggi

Harlan Kestner

Phil Harlan

Austin Deckerd  

Sandy Fieldhouse

Avon Mehaffey

Frank McBride

Joanne Meier  

Jackie Mercer-Sanor  

Linda Buttermore

Janette McKibben  

Laura Scott

Many blessing to you in the year to come!


Celebrating Anniversaries in June:

Ken & Linda Harris

Donald & Betty Schmaker

Dennis & Darlene Lane

Robert & June Wallace

Thomas & Vicki Foos

We celebrate the joy of marriage with you!

Do you have concerns or questions about the working operations of the church? The Church and Ministry Committee will listen and help to find solutions/answers to these questions. The current members are interested in encouraging the communication and teamwork between the staff, pastor, and congregation.  The members are:  Jackie Sanor, Phil Harlan,  Marcia Smith, and Patty Brogan.  At times the minister is included in the meetings.Bringing Jesus into the lives of children, friends, young families, new and long-time members is quite a job and it takes all of us to make that happen! Please contact any of them to voice your concerns.  No one can do this alone!